The Booze Explodes

Episode 1
Oh hey the bar's on fire...

Our first episode opened with our heroes gathered within the Snappel Inn, the largest (of two) in all of Snappeltown. Snappeltown is the trading hub of the Everbright Duchy within The Great Kingdom in the Lentir Vale.

Our heroes introduced themselves while many of the townsfolk grumbled and mumbled about current events. Over the course of the night they learned about wolf sightings, stolen graves, Wheatbite Beer shortages, and recent disappearances around the area. Within the Duchy they heard about the Lord Everbright and his wasting fever. Of the kingdom they heard about the coastal raiders from the lawless southern kingdoms.

Just before Rosco Powers, the Half-Elf Ardent, could examine the “For Sale/Wanted” board in the tavern a number of shady characters in cloaks came in and swiftly barred the door, including a large lock. The Half-Elf Cutthroat among them pocketed the key. Once they had completed their task the crowd within the bar began to notice them. Just in time to witness the lighting of liquor bombs, which were thrown about the bar. “For the one true god of death! For Orcus!” cried the Eladrin Curse Spewer.

The brutish Dragonborn Boontah and his allies held the crowd away from the door while the would-be heroes jumped into action.

Combat Encounter 1


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