Everbright Duchy

Everbright Duchy is situated in the center of The Great Kingdom. It is filled with roads stretching to the rest of the duchies to the east and south. Along these roads are various villages and towns that offer ample amounts of trade goods from faraway lands.


Everbright duchy is shaped like a fat boomerang, with the Frigid Mountains acting as a natural border to the north and the Shadow Forest bordering the entire western side. Sparse forests and rolling hills make up most of the duchies landscape, lending very well to agrarian society.


Huddled up in the central north below the Frigid Mountains lies the Everbright Keep, where the governance of the duchy lives. At the center of the land lies Snappeltown, along the main trade route. Spreading outward from there lie mostly farming and ranching settlements, ranging from the sleepy hamlet of Bleetmoore to the west and the rolling hemp fields of Kinneth.

Everbright Duchy

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